Friday, January 28, 2011

Defiant Joy

I first heard about G. K. Chesterton when I was reading about C.S. Lewis and the affect that Chesterton had on him. I checked out some of Chesterton works such as The Father Brown Mysteries, Man who was thursday, and the Ballad of the White Horse. I realized that after looking into Chesterton that he wrote lots of different things. I was really suprised when I got the chance to receive a review copy of this book from BookSneeze and thomas Nelson and to give an unbiased review.
The book is great and does a great job of giving a glimpse at Chesterton. The book does read quickly and seems to just give a glimpse into Chestertons works. I really liked this but if you are wanting a more indepth look I would look elsewhere as this again is just a short intro to Chesterton and his works.
Overall though a really well written look at Chesterton and his works. I loved this book and will definetly look more into Chesterton as he is often overlooked by people and really an unknown even though he has written on lots of subjects and had a huge impact on lots of people.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

This book sounded great and I couldnt wait to read it. I loved Lawheads other 2 series that I have read(The King Raven Trilogy and The Celtic Crusades). and this one sounded just as good. The story of a young man who finds out that he can time travel along ley lines and must search for a Skin Map that is the key to travel. The book crosses many different time periods and dimensions in search of this map which contains all of the time travel routes and was tattooed on a mans body and the map was made from his skin when he died. I mean it sounds great with the mix of suspense and fantasy. The characters are very well developed and you instantly like the way they are brought about. The whole story though is kind of messy and skips around and is kind of hard to follow. I will check out the next book in the series when it comes out next fall. I hope the story comes together a little more than this one. The book also leaves you hanging on a lot of things.

Friday, January 7, 2011

This movie premieres Tomorrow Saturday JAn. 8th at 8/7C on Fox and is part of the "Family Movie Night." I was excited to get the chance to preview the movie and check it out before it airs on TV. The "Family Movie Nights" have had some pretty good shows with "The Secrets of the Mountain" "Jensen Project" and "A Walk in My Shoes." I have really been impressed so far with the quality of these movies and the acting has been great. I was interested to see Brooke White of American Idol Fame and check out her acting skills. Also this has Phllicia Rashad from the Cosby show. I was really impressed with the acting and thought the movie was really well made.
The movie follows a couple whose plans are turned totally upside down when one of their friends dies and leaves them responsible to bring up their four children (three of whom have been adopted from third world countries). The movie shows the struggle that the couple and the children take to get used to each other and their new environments. It is a great family movie and more movies in Hollywood should be made like these. I hope everyone tunes in and I thank Buzzplant for giving me this oppurtunity to review this movie.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

This is a very interesting study Bible and I love that it contains insight from the gifted pastor and teacher Max Lucado. I found the life lessons that are contained give you more depth and insight on what is going on in the Bible and helps you apply it to your life. The Applications help you with a more personal study of the Bible in your quite time. The New King James Version is not the Version I usually use but it is nice for a change and I would really like to see the study Bible available in other Translations of the Bible. Thank you to Booksneeze and Thomas Nelson for providing this copy to review and give my thoughts on.