Friday, September 10, 2010

I really love Max Lucado books and he has written some really interesting and life changing ones. This book is a good book but for me wasnt as good as some of his others. My kids liked the book though and found it interesting all of the thing s it talks about using your hands for. The book does have some good illustrations though and has a great message. Again I think children will like the story and especially toddlers who are using their hands and will introduce them to lots of ways to use them

I thank Thomas Nelson and Booksneze for sending me a copy to review.

This review is actually for both of these books which were both provided for review by booksneeze. I loved these books as they were very inspiring. It shows how one persons actions can change future generations.

The Boy Who changed the World is geared towards children but It has a lot of writing and may go over younger childrens heads but it does make for some interesting conversations though.

The Butterfly Effect is for adults and has some added stories that are really thought provoking and really change the way you look at your interactions with others.

Both books are great and I would highly recommend them to others as they are both great books and really will make anyone look at the interactions with others.