Thursday, February 5, 2009


I know it has been quite a while since I posted anything but Here goes. The mission trip to South Africa went really well. I think everyone who was praying for our group, those that we were in contact with, and our families. The flight over was very long 20+ hours. I didnt have a problem with jet lag until I was back home and then I slept almost 12 hours. We arrived late the first night and were picked at the airport in Johannesburg and driven to the Wigwam Conference center. We stopped at Mickey D's on the way not really that much of a difference. Chicken strips I had were really good. I rode by myself with Paul a journeyman who was in S.A. for 2 yrs nd really enjoyed talking to him and getting to know alot about the area and what was going on. We arrived late and it was dark. We really just got settled in the first night. A couple of people rooms didnt have AC the first night but the were switched to different rooms the second day. The second day(Friday) we just hung out got over jet lag and waited for the missionary families to arrive. Went hiking up the mountain that was by the Center(a really beautiful view of the valley). WE meet the missionaries and then we took the kids over to their classrooms and played games with them just to kind of get to know them. Real great group ages 2-11 (11 total kids). Saturday we started the Vacation Bible School program for the Kids( boot camp/military theme) I played a drill sergeant in the skit we did. I love acting and had a good time doing this part. Nathan G. and I did the activities/games for each group{3 groups(age 2, age 4-6, age 7-11)}. Older ones were every aggresive and competitive, middle group were very polite and didnt get the whole team concept(they wanted to work together as a group) and the younger ones were just happy doing whatever. Really funny to see the vast difference of how the played the games and their approach to playing. That night the missionaries had a farewell for a family that was going to a different area and for Hope P. who was had just graduated and was going back to the states to attend college. It was great to be a part of this as it was like one big family reunion and I felt like I was a part of their family even after only really having meet them that day. I then went bowling with the youth that night and had a great time. They bowl barefooted or in their socks(you can get shoes but why). I had a good time I had the highest score but am very competitive and wanted a higher score but oh well. Stayed up late talking to Greg. Had a really great talk about life, missions, budgets, family, etc. Will post about the rest of the trip later and what else is going on when I get a chance.