Wednesday, June 30, 2010

There are some books that the author puts to much research into and the book drags along so slowly. There are also books that you can tell the author didnt do enough research and there are mistakes. Then there are books like this where the author does his research and is able to put it in the story where it flows and brings everything to light. Eric Wilson just keeps getting better with each book and brings the Jerusalems Undead series to a close with this the third book in the series.
The vampire story has been told numerous times especially in the last few years. But Eric Wilson brings a refreshing breath to the genre and to the struggle of good and evil. Gina Lazerescu prepares for the final showdown with the Akaldema cluster. She also finds out that her son is still alive and tries to rebuild her marriage with her husband Jed. I love the way the author mixes all of the research both the historical and the theological.
Eric Wilson also works in characters from his previous books and gives little nods to their stories. You dont need to have read them to enjoy this series but it does make the read more enjoyable. Im sad to see this story end and will miss the characters as I have grown really close to some of them.
I love these books and am sad that so many people have missed out on Eric Wilsons books. I have enjoyed reading them and watching Mr. Wilson grow as an author. Im also sad that his books have not been given the chance. I wish Eric Wilson the best and look forward to what he has in store in the future. I pray that God will continue to use him and help him spread the truth about the Nazarene Blood.

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