Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I was very interested to get the chance to review this for booksneeze. My family has a copy of the Read and Share Bible and was interested in seeing the video version of a few of the stories. I felt this could be a good way to get children more interested in the Bible. The animation for the video was good and fits really well with the way the pictures in the Bible copy look. What I didnt like though is they way they added little extras to the story that are not included in the Bible. I know they wanted the story to flow a little but I dont think you should add to the Word of God and confuse people.

I have 3 boys and one sat and watched the whole video, one watched about half, and the other watched just a little. I dont know if that is any indication of how long it can hold a childs interest but I really just think it depends on the kids mood.

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