Friday, October 7, 2011

Bone House by Stephen Lawhead

This is the second book in the "Bright Empires" series and continues the quest of those trying to find the Skin Map and what it contains. One part of the map has been found and they all continue to search for the remainder while also trying to keep the others from finding it. The story mixes fantasy, science fiction, and history all into one book and takes you on a twisting journey filled with lots of surprises. I like the series so far and it is a great escape book to make you think about other places and times. The characters in the story are great and you are drawn to certain ones. The story does get kind of slow in a couple of parts but overall a great read though. I really like the way the story has developed so far and cant wait for the next book (which sadly comes out in about a year). I really would like to think booksneeze for providing a copy of this book to give an unbiased review on.

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