Sunday, August 7, 2011

Love Food and Live Well by Chantel Hobbs

This is the first time that I had heard of Chantel Hobbs and found this book to be very interesting. Chantel is a very motivational writer and I love the way she goes about encouraging and showing you how to create a healthy lifestyle for yourself. I also love the fact that she has been there and lost the weight instead of someone who is skinny and only lost a few pounds trying to tell you how to lose weight. It encouraged me to see someone go and tell about their struggles and also tell you what to do about it. A great book that I would highly recommend. I will definetly be checking into some of her other books.

Also have been following Chantel's program and have lost 25 pounds so far.

I received a copy of this from Multnomah and blogging for books to give an unbiased review on.

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